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Monday, March 28, 2005

12 slot bags for guild members

Today I found a level 41 player who can make 12 slot bags.

And we found an area (in the Hinterlands) where monsters drop lots of the raw material he needs to create the bag (mageweave). All I have to do is buy the thread at Aerie Peak.

Then I give him the raw materials and he makes me the bag. I give him a few extra mageweave for his service.

So I am CONSIDERING gathering raw materials and having bags made for my Guild members.

So far many Guild members are low level (less than 15) so a 12 slot bag is really valuable to increase your carrying capacity of loot.

I have one more 12 bag to be made for myself then I can start working on bags for Guild members.

Make a macro invite

[ macro guild invite ]

New Guild members are elevated to a status where they can invite other players into the Guild.

I created an "invite" macro in the game that sends the text to the General chat channel. You can do the same.

Open the Macro screen from the chat bubble menu (left of screen near chat history).

Start a new Macro, naming it and choosing an icon.

In the macro text area enter your invite beginning ...

/1 your message here

The /1 sends the remaining text to the General chat channel. Mine is something like ...

/1 Guild now open to new members, any level. Visit the Guild blog, http://libertyrangers.blogspot.com You will be elevated to invite other players into the Guild, by the Guild owner.

Save your macro. Then drag the macro icon to one of your action bars.

When I enter a new zone / territory I just click the macro icon (on the action bar) for this message and zap the message goes to the General chat channel. Saves lots of typing.

Watch for replies. To add someone to the Guild, open the Social ( O ) window; click the Guild Tab; click Add Member button which opens a dialog where you can type their game name.

I am the only person who can elevate Guild members. Any new members will have to wait until the next time I log on before they are elevated to a rank where they can invite others.

Thanks for building the Guild.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

40 level threshold

March 14th marked my passage into level 40, a major threshold where players can buy mounts.

Now all I have to do is save 90 gold to buy the mount, a Nightsaber (big kitty).

My previous gold high was 28 or 29, then I bought a boatload of upgrades available to level 40, so I'm back down to 17 or 18.

I think I've found a good area to hunt beasts / monsters that produces valuable drops (drops are items you can loot from your kills, then sell). If you join the Guild I will tell you where this area is located. You need to be at least level 35 to survive.

Near the end of my March 14th / 15th session I joined a Raid group (about 10 players) to put an end to Horde harassment at Booty Bay. We put down that nonsense, which had a level 60 Horde fellow leading other Horde, ruining quests for Alliance players. Such are the risks on a PvP server. Maybe things will get better once the Honor system is implemented in a future patch.

Chat command hints

Here are a few of the most common chat commands I use to make communication easier in WoW ...

/chatlist will show all the chat channels you are a member of

/1 ( /# ) ... starting your chat with /# where # is the chat channel number ( shown from /chatlist ) will send your message to that channel only. When you enter a blank space after the channel number, the chat display will show the channel you are sending to, then complete your message.

/chatlist # ... where # is the chat channel number - will show the players in that channel.

/raid or /ra ... will send your chat message to your raid group if you are part of a raid as shown in you Social ( O ) window on the Raid tab.

/join name ... where name is an existing chat channel, or new channel name. Allows you to join or create the named channel.

/leave name ... Allows you leave the named chat channel.

In this picture the player level range has been erased and REFRESH clicked. Notice the list is longer. You can also type another zone-territory name between the quote marks, then REFRESH to get a listing for that zone. You do not have to be in the zone you query. Find the other zone-territory names from the world map drop down list. In this Who List you can change the display to show Guild by clicking the drop down list (where it says Zone) and selecting Guild. You can see who is not a member of a guild. The Who List allows you find other players to group with for difficult quests, or find a special class player you need. Click picture for full image. Posted by Hello

HINT: you can use the chat command /who to display this Who List for your current zone-territory. Note the list is limited to a RANGE of player levels. You can click in the line that begins -z and erase the level range. Then click REFRESH to get a list of all allied players in your zone-territory. Click picture for full size image. Posted by Hello

This is the Guild control panel showing the Guild Master (owner) with all privileges checked. The Guild control panel is only available to the Guild owner. Click the picture for full size image. Posted by Hello

This is the Guild control panel showing Veteran rank with privileges checked. New members to the guild will be elevated to Veteran who can invite new players into the Guild. And Veterans can set their public notes. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

SUCCESS !! Guild created ...

[ guild creation ]

Well, I finally went back to my low level homeland, Teldrassil, and paid 9 folk 50 silver each to sign my charter, and not sign any other. This time the charter registered !!! HURRAY !!

Thank you to all who signed and kept their word !! A couple folk left my guild immediately it was registered, which is ok - I just wanted to get the name established.

If you want to leave the guild you are free to do so, use /gquit in chat, to leave.

Or stick around and see what happens.

If you decide to create your own guild be sure to read the guild creation problems message, so you won't waste your time or money like I did.

The new blog home is http://libertyrangers.blogspot.com I will be posting new hints and notes at the new blog, in coming days.

For those who helped me create my guild, I have upped your rank so you can invite others to join the guild, if you want.

See you in WoW !!

Voov, Seattle

Guild creation problems

[ guild creation ]

Well, after losing 2 charters to the bad guild creation control inside the game, I found this thread in the WoW tech support forum ...

Guild Creation problems

The problem is when players sign more than one charter, or join ANOTHER guild BEFORE you register your signatures - if any players who signed your charter do one or both of these things it invalidates your charter, WITHOUT ADVANCE WARNING FROM THE SYSTEM. When you try to register your signatures, the charter disappears from your inventory and the system tells you "guild name already exists". So you have just wasted your time and 10 silver. You can buy another charter with the same name.

The guild system does check if a name is pre-owned at the time you buy the charter, and won't let you buy if it already exists.

So now I'm on my 3rd charter, and probably have bad signers (more than one charter).

This is crappy program design, that won't correctly enforce the rules, and doesn't correctly tell you the problem. These two rule violation conditions should be prevented AUTOMATICALLY by the software, so you aren't wasting your time or money.

This is the worst problem I've encountered in a game I'm otherwise enjoying very much.

The guild name will probably change from the one used for the title of this blog. Update notice will be posted here, and these messages moved to the new blog with the matching guild name.

Contact Liberty Rangers Guild owner

[ contact social friends ]

You must be logged into the Boulderfist PvP server.

The easy way to contact this Guild owner is to open your Social window ( O - ohh ), click Friends tab, add player name, Voov , to your friends list. Now the system will tell you when I log onto WoW, and you can send me a message / whisper.


Fishing - applying lures

[ fishing lure bait bauble ]

Well, it took me until I was lvl 30+ to learn how to activate a lure / bait on the fishing pole. To save someone else the struggle here's how to do it correctly ...

1) have your fishing pole in hand
2) put the lure / bauble / bait in an Action Bar
3) open your Character Window (with pole in hand)
4) click to activate the lure / bauble / bait in the Action Bar
5) move your pointer hand over the pole in the Character Window, click pole

Your pole should now be powered with the lure / bauble / bait.

This process is unintuitive and not documented in the manual or WoW help areas.